The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is …a “sea mountains land”
between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lattari Mountains, which stand 1,143 metres above sea level with Monte Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi and has a maximum depth of -500, on the seabed off Cape Sottile (Praiano). The islands of Capri, Isca, Vetara and Li Galli are extensions of the same mountain range, which continues under the sea surface. Its hundred beaches, the boundary and, at the same time line, the uniting element, between its marine dimension, in horizontal, and the vertical of its mountains…

A natural and anthropological heritage, that is unique and in 1997 UNESCO declared it a “World Heritage Site”.

The Amalfi Coast starts in Vietri sul Mare and ends at Punta Campanella, in the municipality of Massa Lubrense, but in terms of tourism it ends in Positano and includes Agerola. A long strip of land about 40 kilometres covered by the Amalfi State Highway 63: the most beautiful road in the world!

Fourteen towns “all different from each other”, notwithstanding the homogeneity of the region, in the dialects and customs of each town, often every village, retains a definite identity, its patron saint’s day, its typical dish, its recreational and sports events but also important international events such as the Historical Regatta of the Four Maritime Republics, the Ravello Festival, the Gustaminori…

Giracostiera is the noticeboard of these fourteen wonderful places…


Km from Vietri to Positano
(+ 25 to Punta Campanella via Termini, a hamlet of Massa Lubrense)


Amalfi Coast State Highway,
“the most beautiful road in the world”
that links the towns of the Coast


100 beaches
from Vietri sul Mare to Punta Campanella,
100 walks
“higher up” 
100 the typical recipes…